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Branch Committee of STIA 2018-2020

The duties of the Branch Committee shall be to manage the affairs of the branch in accordance with the Rules of the Association and the instructions of the Central Committee. The Branch Committee consisting of the following, who shall serve a term of office for two years as office bearers shall be elected biennially at the Branch Annual General Meeting:-


  Kota Kinabalu

Mr. Tan Peng Juan

Mr. Sia Mee Kuong

Mr. Alfred Yong Chin Keong

Mr. Gan Ka Wei

Madam Nancy Chia Tau Kin

Mr. Wong See Ming

  • Mr. Ho Fung Shan
  • Mr. Ong Huang Peng
  • Mr. Fo Siu Hin
  • Mr. Fong Ming San
  • Mr. Junior Loy Chun Hong
  • Mr. Lee Lye Soon


Mr. Fong Hen Vun

Mr. Tommy Low Chaan Lim

Mr. Wilson Tan Kok Tiong

Mr. Tang Kie Chiew

Madam Annie Chong

Mr. Jacky Chan Yuk Woh

  • Mr. Liao San Lang
  • Miss Soh Lai Shing
  • Madam Lim Ket Khing
  • Mr. Pritty Tup
  • Madam Astyanan Abd Rahman
  • Vacant


Mr. Chua Yeong Perng

Mdm. Linda Loh Siew Lian

Mr. Quek Siew Wah

Madam Joan Siew Chiau Hui

Mr. Endera Yusuf Amah

Madam Fam Lih Yen

  • Mr. Liang Ding Hock
  • Mr. Wong Thart Sin
  • Mr. Tan Lueng Chuan
  • Mr. Kim Taehyoung
  • Mr. Voo Ting Sang
  • Mr. Jimmy Lu Chee Ming